Left Handle

  1. Power/Pause
    • Press and hold for 2 seconds to power on/off. After powering on, the device enters mode.
    • Tap to pause, and simply tap any key again to resume from pause.
  2. Voice Key
    • (Please note that this product lacks external sound and requires headphone use.)
    • Click to enable/disable the bed call sound. The bed call sound will play randomly.
  3. Speed+
    • Click this button to increase the telescopic speed, providing a total of 10 speed options.
  4. Speed-
    • Click this key to decrease the telescopic speed.

Friendly Reminder: The product will automatically pause after 20 minutes of inactivity and subsequently shut down after 15 minutes of being in pause mode. To exit the pause state, simply press any key.

↕️ Right Handle

       5. Upward Shift Key – Click to adjust the position of the soft insert upwards. -Starting from the new position, initiate telescopic movements.

  1. Downward Shift Key
    • Click to adjust the position of the soft insert downwards.
  2. Mode+
    • Click upwards to cycle through telescopic modes, offering a total of 10 variations. The first five are steady-speed modes, while the last five feature variable frequency modes.
  3. Mode-
    • Tap downwards to switch to different telescopic modes.

↕️ Mobile phone holder installation
Attach the phone holder to the top of the device using the provided bolts and wing nuts.

↕️ Charging Instructions

To charge the product, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the provided USB cable to the product’s charging port.
  2. Use the USB cable to charge the device by connecting it directly to a computer or utilize a mobile phone’s USB interface charging head and charge from a socket.
  3. Ensure the charging voltage is 5V, and the current should not exceed 2.5A.
  4. Once fully charged, the indicator light will remain on for 5 minutes before automatically turning off. It takes approximately 6 hours to achieve a full charge. Avoid overcharging for extended periods.
  5. Please note that the device cannot be used during charging. Unplug the power supply before using it after a full charge.

↕️ Indicator Light

  1. When the device is paused, the indicator light will stay on. If the battery is running low, the indicator light will flash 30 times before automatically shutting down.
  2. The indicator light will flash cyclically during the charging process and cannot be turned on. After achieving a full charge, the indicator lights will illuminate together for 5 minutes before turning off.
  3. Clicking the left handle to switch between the 10 available speeds will cause the indicator lights to light up in sequence.
  4. Switching between modes by clicking the handle will result in the first five constant speed mode indicator lights lighting up in sequence. In the last five frequency conversion modes, the indicator lights will flash according to the telescopic frequency.
  5. During use, the indicator light that illuminates corresponds to the currently active handle, indicating its operating status.

↕️ Soft meat cleaning and installation

  1. Carefully remove the soft insert and clean it with room-temperature water. During cleaning, avoid opening the soft insert and ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 45°C to prevent damage to the insert.
  2. Once the soft insert is completely dry, reinsert it into the cup sleeve, adjusting its position as necessary. Click the soft insert groove into the transparent cup sleeve securely.
  3. Position the installed soft insert into the central bracket on the device. The soft insert cup cover features buckles at both ends and can be placed on either side.
  4. After inserting it, rotate the transparent cup sleeve clockwise until it locks securely in place. (Tip: To remove it, simply rotate counterclockwise.)
How to clean leten airplane cup

↕️ Maintenance

  1. Post-use, carefully remove the soft insert and cleanse it with room-temperature water. Allow it to air-dry naturally or gently pat it dry using a non-depilating towel. When cleaning, avoid opening the soft insert, and refrain from using water exceeding 45°C to prevent any potential damage to the soft insert.
  2. Once the soft insert is entirely dry, return it to the cup body to mitigate the risk of short-circuits or circuit damage.
  3. When not in use, store the device in a fully charged state at room temperature, ensuring it remains shielded from high temperatures and remains free from dust. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  4. For extended periods of non-use, it is advisable to charge the device at least once every three months to prevent potential battery degradation.
  5. It is essential not to clean the cup body itself, and absolutely prohibit any liquid from infiltrating the inner workings of the device. In the event that liquid accidentally enters the cup shell, promptly wipe it clean.
↕️ Fault description
  1. In cases where your phone refuses to power on, start by verifying if it has run out of power, and proceed to recharge it before attempting to use it.
  2. If the phone still refuses to power on even after charging, inspect the charging indicator light for normal operation and assess the condition of the charging cable for any damage.
  3. In instances where the phone’s performance appears weak, it is advisable to recharge it before using it to ensure optimal functionality.
  4. When you encounter program errors, simply shut down the device and restart it to rectify the issue.
  5. It’s important to note that this product incorporates stall overcurrent protection. Should the rotor become obstructed, the indicator lights will flash five times. Upon resolution of the obstruction, the device will automatically revert to its original setting. If a stall occurs five consecutive times, the device will subsequently initiate an automatic shutdown as a protective measure.
  6. If you have tried all the above steps but it doesn’t work, you can confirm that it is a quality problem. Please contact customer service for return or exchange.