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Leten is a Official Leten brand. Leten is Good brand for high-quality sex toys. We provide our customers with an eclectic blend of Men and Women Toy.

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Leten Thrusting Pro

The Leten Cannon King Pro High-speed Motor Thrusting Masturbator Cup with Phone Holder!

The Leten Thrusting Pro is the Leten Masturbator automatic male stroker we’ve seen in a long time!  At full speed, it’s insanely fast! The fastest we’ve seen so far. 700 Strokes per min. at full speed and 400 strokes per min at medium speed to give you an idea.

Leten Cannon King Sex Toy 72 Stunt Masturbator Cup

The world's leading technology, the industry's first, more ways to play, bring better enjoyment, giving users an experience they've never had before.

Ultra high-speed motor

This leten king pro masturbator is equipped with an ultra-high-speed motor with three speeds: 700 rpm for intense stimulation; 400 rpm for a fast experience; and 200 rpm for leisurely fun.

Customizable stroke length

Extended piston travel of up to 12 cm for a customizable experience, taking in the full length for deep and shallow pleasure.

Ultra-high frequency precision impact

Original Ultra high-frequency point-to-point impact design achieves precise stimulation.

Innovative gun rack design

The Leten Male Masturbator features an innovative gun frame design with interchangeable handles, making it easy to control in any position.

Built-in phone holder

leten automatic masturbator is a mobile phone holder on the top, allowing you to enjoy it while enjoying the visual pleasure.


  • Innovative gun rack design with interchangeable handles, offering control in any position.
  • Crafted from high-tech material, with a dual-ended tunnel design and a soft, bouncy feel.

10 Speeds

100 Strokes per minute to freaking LUDICROUS Speed 400 strokes per minute!

10 Modes

The First 5 are different stroke lengths. From short to very long. It’s the widest range we’ve seen on any blowjob toy.

Leten Future Pro

The Leten Future Pro 708 Pro Thrusting Masturbation Cup

Artificially intelligent Masturbators can be quite a trip to use. LETEM FUTURE PRO is an advanced masturbator, made with technology that is intended to give a satisfying masturbatory experience.

Leten 708 Pro Masturbator

Enjoy constant temperature heating, interactive cabin pressure changes, and an original body fragrance. With high-speed piston power and strong suction, explore different elastic pleasures. Synchronized clamping and stretching, circular heating, and adjustable color perfume switch provide a smooth and delicate feel.

The Leten 708 PRO is your personal sex capsule, offering vaginal and oral sex functions. 10 unique thrusting functions and perfect internal particles provide independent pleasure. Experience the perfect oral sex simulation, akin to a woman’s sucking.

Enhance your experience with the heating function, maintaining a constant temperature of 42°C. The perfume bottle design adds a sexy scent. Three different female moans accompany your role play. Cleaning is easy with warm soapy water or toy care fluid/foam.

There is also a perfume built into the device, as you use it, an enticing scent waft out, this ensures you are relaxed and comfortable.

LETEN Fantastic Pro is made with ABS plastic, TPE and PC plastic. All of which are hypoallergenic materials and body safe too.

The speed of the motors is 390 motors which has 12000 rpm, and the 395 motor which has 13550 rpm.

Official Leten Brand

Leten is Good brand for high-quality male masturbator sex toys, indulge in unparalleled pleasure with Leten Toys. Great prices & 100% discreet shipping. Fast FREE Shipping!

Leten is a leading Brand in the sex toy industry!

Committed to providing comprehensive products and services. Specializing in R&D, design, production, sales and service. Leten provides more than ten series such as Illusion, Adult Queen, Champion Piston, Miracle, Angel Wings, etc., and more than 200 kinds of healthy sex products.

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The Leten range of masturbators represents the pinnacle of excellence, combining refined design with cutting-edge technology. With Leten's unwavering dedication to user satisfaction, the Leten line of masturbators offers an unparalleled experience.


Strongest Industry R&D Team

With the industry's strongest R&D team, composed of 20 people, the company invests nearly 10 Million USD in R&D annually.
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Global Service Center

A Global Service Center has been established in New York to timely respond to pre-sale, sale and after-sales service needs of global clients and users.
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